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by Adam WarRock

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Jay-Radd Leave it to Adam WarRock to transmute Pixar's Amazing Short-film Masterpiece into an amazingly heartfelt song. Using the same soundtrack was a nice touch by Vince Vandal.
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Produced by Vince Vandal, sampling Christophe Beck's score from the Disney animated short, Paperman.

Track is for promotional purposes only and not intended for sale or any other form of distribution.


Cover art designed by Kevin Church:


Verse 1:
These days, I can't sleep cuz I hear the wind when it speaks
Through the cracks in the walls, through the grates on the streets
and Every day the same train, as it comes, greets me
And I go to work, and I sit, wading through the paperwork that I see

Today, when I woke up, felt a different kind of breeze
That's when I first saw her, like a vision I've seen
Somewhere in a dream that I've never had, but I felt whispered to me
Mishap on the train stand, when she blew a little kiss to me

Well not quite, and I tried, but the words never come out right
And she hopped on that first train, straight out of my life
So I sit wondering about the coulda beens, when across the way
I see her in a window, talking the same,
girl that I thought I lost in the haze

Floating, twisting, taking my best aim at you
Hoping, wishing, praying it all comes true.

Verse 2:
Fold the paper in half, make a crease
Hold a finger up, feel the breeze, and adjust
Tell me, what you see
A future where we, we can be the best we can be
Then it's crushed when the plane
Drops straight to the street

And I'll try, maybe 2, maybe 3
maybe 5, more times, wait and see
Each time, one less sheet, but I know I believe
And I know nobody else can see all the things I see
So they toss me out, and that's I'll leave

Most times, Life doesn't work out, for guys like me
Lost a job, lost a chance
Doesn't even really matter to me
That's why I never trust the wind,
And why I never hear the things within
It's all in my head, never could win
A girl like that

Left a kiss mark on the paper in my hand,
I even lost that
So I wish the wind would just leave me be
I try to walk back

Home where I know, where I never try
Home where I go, no 9 to 5
No woman like that in my life
Still see her smile running in my mind

And I wish the wind would stop sometimes
Cuz I tried, and no I got no time
But I just can't get her out my mind
And I tried...

[beat switch]

Verse 3:
It's a new day,
And I think things are gonna work out your way
When the wind picks up, and it moves your feet
Everything else it's just gotta get out your way

Cuz you can't stop fate, and you can't stop love
One man's trash is another man's treasure
Some girl's kiss, it just lasts forever
And you do anything for the ones you remember

And I know that life ain't fair,
And I know that chances are
You and her might not work out
And you go your separate ways
With the girl that you missed on that lone train car

Yeah but not today, cuz you know that the wind don't fade away
Right now, gotta let it take you to the place
Til you're face to face, she's been waiting there

Tell her everything you feel inside
tell her, everything that makes you feel alive
Maybe start with a name
Maybe start with a story
Tell her how you felt when you saw her


released November 21, 2012




Adam WarRock Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hip hop for the internet/geek crowd. Enthusiasm to spare.

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